Welcome to the Mizuguchi Laboratory

We are based in the National Institutes of Biomedical Innovation, Health and Nutrition, Japan. We carry out bioinformatics and computational biology research into drug discovery and development (with special emphasis on early-stage target discovery and toxicity prediction). Our research involves both the analysis of real-life experimental data and the development of novel computational techniques, aiming to establish systems approaches to drug discovery.

Research Topics

Dr.Yayoi Natsume will present her work at OpenTox Asia 2017(2017.5.17-18)
Our new papar has been published in Current Opinion in Structural Biology.
Dr. Lokesh P. Tripathi will present his work at The 57th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Respiratory Society(2017.4.22)
Project Leader Kenji Mizugushi’s paper has been published in Future Science OA.(2016.12)
Dr.Yayoi Natsume will present her work at Meeting of the Japanese Vaccine Adjuvant Research Consortium.(2017.1.23-24)
Project Leader. Kenji Mizuguchi will present his work at International conference held in Bangladesh.(2017.1.20-23)
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