Align your sequence against structure

1. Structure

This can be:

(You can first search HOMSTRAD and locate a family, then click the blue ALIGN icon at the top left corner.)

Alternatively, paste your own structure-based alignment in our extended NBRF/PIR format.
(Make sure that each sequence can be correctly associated with the corresponding PDB entry.)

or upload your own (single) structure in a PDB file (max 2M):

2. Sequence Enter your amino acid sequence

or upload:

Please select the type of your input sequence:
The input is a single sequence or a multiple sequence alignment. Do not realign them.
The input is a set of unaligned sequences. They are aligned one by one against structure, preserving the order.
For single sequence, please use FASTA or pure amino acid format.
For multiple sequence alignment, please use FASTA / NBRF / CLUSTAL / MSF format.

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