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FUGUE (Ver 2.0) Profile Library Search Against (test)HOMSTRAD

Citation: Shi, J., Blundell, T. L. & Mizuguchi, K. (2001), J Mol Biol, 310(1), 243-57.

N.B. Please note that Fugue has been updated (since 2nd of May 2002) and consequently the recommended z-score cut-offs used are different from previous versions. Please do refer to the new set of cut-offs when verifying your result. (New cut-offs will be shown on the resulting page or resulting email sent to you.)

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Note: Z-scores > 6.0 are likely to indicate evolutionary relationships and/or common folds.

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Include CASP format output in the return E-mail.
Use only the query sequence to generate alignments.
Include alignments in the return E-mail (Not recommended since the E-mail might be large).
Ignore sequences collected by PSI-BLAST, which have less than % identity to the master sequence.
Search also against a representative set of PDB chains (slower and experimental - known as FUGUE3 (or FUGUE2.1) in CAFASP3) (This option is obsolete and disabled.)

Alignments in JOY format are always available online (highly recommended).
The web address of the alignments will be included in the return E-mail.

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