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HOMSTRAD homollgous structure alignment database
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What's new 1032 families / 3454 structures (16878 single-member families)
updated on 30 Oct 2017

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Reference: Mizuguchi K, Deane CM, Blundell TL, Overington JP. (1998) HOMSTRAD: a database of protein structure alignments for homologous families. Protein Science 7:2469-2471.

HOMSTRAD (HOMologous STRucture Alignment Database) is a curated database of structure-based alignments for homologous protein families. All known protein structure are clustered into homologous families (i.e., common ancestry), and the sequences of representative members of each family are aligned on the basis of their 3D structures using the programs MNYFIT, STAMP and COMPARER. These structure-based alignments are annotated with JOY and examined individually.

The database provides annotated structural alignments in various formats, superimposed structures, links to other databases and the alignment and searching interface to the program FUGUE. See the following documents for further details.

Kenji Mizuguchi, Lucy Stebbings, Paul de Bakker, Charlotte Deane, Jiye Shi, Hiroki Shirai, Tom Blundell and John Overington

Copyright (C) 1997-2015 The HOMSTRAD authors

Created: 9 Jul 1997
Last modified: 30 Oct 2017