Project leader, Kenji Mizuguchi et al. will present their work at ISMB/ECCB 2019. (22/07/2019 – 24/07/2019)

Date 22/07/2019 – 24/07/2019 

We are going to present poster presentation.

placeCongress Center Basel (Messeplatz 21, Reception 2nd Floor, 4058 Basel, Switzerland)

  1. F-13: Prediction of pharmacokinetic profiles using chemical structure information: Fraction unbound in plasma and renal excretion
  2. F-15: Development of DruMAP, Drug Metabolism and pharmacokinetics Analysis Platform
  3. L-43: A study of gut microbial variations associated with phenotypic metadata in a healthy Japanese population
  4. V-123: Pentachlorophenol affects RIG-1 antiviral pathway that produces type I interferon at the transcriptional level